PXP RACEWEAR The latest technology in fabrics to keep you safe and comfortable PXP Fire Resistant Undwear Basics

PXP Basics


PXP is dramatically softer, safer and more comfortable!


PXP Racewear is designed for safety, comfort and durability.  Using the meta-aramid technology of Kermel FR™ fibers, PXP is inherently fire resistant (FR).  By molecular design the fibers are permanently non-flammable.  This means that the safety won’t wash out in the laundry and you will be protected for the life of the garment.   The color of PXP will also last.   Because it is solution dyed, the color is part of the base polymer of the fibers, which makes it fade resistant.  What you will notice most about PXP is how comfortable it is to wear.   The fibers round cross section makes it extremely soft to the touch.  The fibers have good elasticity which keeps the garments shape and makes it long lasting.


Care and Cleaning:

Care and cleaning of PXP is easy. Wash in cool water and hang to dry or put in the dryer at a cool to medium temperature.  Use a regular laundry soap, but do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.  Many of them have chemicals in them that are flammable.  You will notice the more you wash and wear PXP the softer it gets.



Along with the racing's industries SFI Testing Certification 3.3, our fabric also passes the below certification.


CAN/CGSB 155.20-2000 Work wear for Protection against Hydrocarbon Flash Fire


NFPA 70E-Edition 2004  (National Fire Protection Association - OSHA mandates Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace)


ATPV Test, arc rating level 2  (Arc Thermal Performance Value rating for Arc Flash Fire)

PXP RACEWEAR:   The latest technology in fabrics to keep you safe and comfortable