PXP RACEWEAR The latest technology in fabrics to keep you safe and comfortable PXP Safety Facts

PXP Safety Facts

What should I know when buying FR Underwear?


When you are shopping for your safety equipment, the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe is it to learn the most you can about the materials that your garments are made of and how to care for them. Make sure your garments are made from Fire Resistant materials and that your garment is SFI or FIA certified. Secondly, know if your garment is chemically treated where the fire resistance has a limited life span or inherently fire resistant like PXP where it protects your for the life of the garment.



When should I replaced my FR Underwear?


Your garment should be replace when it is warn or has holes or if it doesn't fit.  If your garment is treated cotton, it is only meant to be washed 25 times before the fire resistance is washed out.  PXP's fire resistance is part of the base fiber.  It will always be fire resistant, no matter how many times you wash or wear it..


What is the difference between Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant?


Fire Resistant fabrics are inherently fire resistant. No matter how much you wash/wear the garment, it will resist fire.    Fire Retardant is a chemical applied to the fabric and it eventually will washed out.  PXP is Fire Resistant.  PXP will remain fire resistant for the life of the garment.



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